Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 down 4 to go

Here are bits and pieces of a beautiful wedding day with my best friends!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm into competitive eating for a living.

I've had these epiphanies over the past couple of weeks about my future.

1. I'm going to be a ranch hand. I'll live in this little shack and sleep on a cot with one of those Indian blankets, when I'm not sleeping out in the wild of course, and ride a horse everywhere. I'll drive an old S-10 and spend my nights serenading the stars with my guitar. It will be in Montana of course. My ranch family will be so great and I'll go hang out with them, play Boggle or swing on their porch swing. It will look like this.
2. I'm going to marry a bearded man. Named Reggie.

3. I'm growing my hair out so I can have dreadlocks like this. That wasn't really an epiphany, I just am.
4. Now that we're off the epiphanies, I'll just keep throwing in random things. Yesterday I jumped out of a plane 13,000 feet above the ground. Its a rush I tell you, especially with this 50 year old guy named JVC hooked to my back. He kept fixing the harness which he called the push up bra from hell, as it was right under my boobs, and told me about people who barfed all over him or passed out while falling from the sky! I got his number.

5. This weekend Casey and I bought hammocks, went up the canyon, hooked them in between some trees, and I'll tell you what I had the best sleep of my life!! We're going to tie dye them. Now its in my backyard and I read books in it.

6. Speaking of books, you guys should read The Help. It is such a great book.

I love you!


Monday, June 28, 2010

The Adventure

So I am married now. My name is now Aubrey Veva Smith, I was married on a beautiful saturday morning on June 5th 2010. I married a young man named BJ Smith or as some of you girls may know as JP. I will give you brief story of how MR. and Mrs. Smith came to be. (Sorry I got kind of carried away so it got kind of long oops ha ha)
So this dashing young boy moved in to my home ward my sophomore year in high school. I saw him for the first time at church and I couldn't keep my eyes off him. All threw high school I always had the biggest crush in the world on him but there was no way I would ever get my nerves up to tell him so. We had a few in counters back in those days which I will never forget like the time I got his cell phone number from Brittany Johnson and texted him good game after a friday night football game but I never said it was me who texted him cause I was way embarrased. Or the time I got to dance with him at the stake pioneer dance and he said I had a nice tan line. Or the time me and kenz went to a church activity with our favorite sunday school teacher and we all got to go paint ball shooting and I nailed BJ in the shoulder. Those were some good times back in the day and then he left for a mission to Alaska while I was attending Snow College. I wrote him for the whole two years, the letters started out as short little get to know you letters with many questions in each. One of his letters he asked something like what is something about Aubrey Bushman that I dont really know about and I told him I got a tatoo of my middle name on my left shoulder when I graduated high school. Ha ha I let that one go for about 4 letters and I was known in BJs mission as tatoo girl for awhile. But as the months went by the letters turned in to more than just letters and I couldnt wait to see him when he got home.
Last summer was quite a summer he took me out to all sorts of places out to movies and dinners, hikes, his families cabin. I returned the same favor as I brought him to family parties, Lake Powell, Spanish Fork Rodeo and from there on out we were both infatuated with each other. We grew to love and care for each other threw the good and bad. He became my best friend who I turned to for everything. Last fall I attended most of his home games as he played football at snow college, and he came up and visited me at Utah state and I would serve him his favorite food steak at Texas Road house. But this wasnt enough for us seeing each other on weekends or even every other weekend so next semester he followed me up here at Utah State and our love for each other grew even stronger.
He proposed to me on March 27, 2010 which then 3 months later we were married in the Oquirrh Moutain Temple. And now the adventure begins after a fabulous Honeymoon in Pureto Varrata Mexico we came home unwrapped all our gifts, exchanged gifts, and packed up for a 14 hour drive to st. louis missouri.
This has been quite an adventure, a summer I will never forget. Bj is doing very well as he goes for 10 hours a day to door to door selling for pinnacle security. But he does a fabulous job and brings home quite a bit of bacon ha ha. And as for me dont worry my days out here so far go as this I wake up around 10 go to a work out class if I feel like it, come home watch a movie, then read cause Im finding a new love for it, I go to the pool and lay out with my new friend Jaquie, then come back watch my favorite show at the moment the hills online. Then me and Jaquie make headbands and have girl talk for several hours. Then I make BJ a very delicous dinner I usually find something new in my cook book cause I just have too much time on my hands. The days are long and quite with out my friends and family around so feel free to call or text me whenever. I love love love the married life, BJ is my better half, my best friend, and my eternal companion. I feel like this summer is always a summer I can never forget so it is going to be called the adventure.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A wise man once said...

This morning I realized that I have learned a few new words and phrases from Robison over the years. Boys may make fun of us for the things we say, but they have their fair share of weird wordage.

F.U.P.A.: Fat Upper Pubic Area. You know, the grandma/grandma fat people have to pull their elastic waist pants up and over.
Whirling Dervish: Someone (or something) that is a big ball of energy. For example, chowder cat.
That's Tits: This is a phrase Rob picked up from a mission companion. You'd use this phrase to say that something is extremely cool. Like if you won free concert tickets off the radio, that would be tits.
B.O.D.: Bag Of Douche. Instead of coming right out and saying that someone is a douche bag, you could just say they're a b o d. It sounds better in public... and can be used around small children.
Spootinanny: I don't even know about this one. Rob says it a lot. I'm positive I'll never use this as an expletive, but Rob does.
Hissing Goose: This is what I get called when I'm snippy, sassy, onery, etc...

There are plenty more words, but I can't think of them right now.

I've learned a lot of other things about Rob since getting married. He only sweats when he plays video games. He can fall asleep doing anything, including reading out loud. Any spare time has to be spent watching ESPN, on, or playing with his phone. He resembles a 14 year old boy... especially when he talks Pokemon with his brother Beaker. He is fabulous at not spending money. His sparce little chest hairs are getting darker... I pluck them sometimes. He quotes The Simpsons more than I thought humanly possible. He looks damn good in a suit. He washes his hair putting his face down, facing towards the shower head, and letting the water run over. I would get soap in my eyes and drown if I attempted that. I guess when you're 6'3"-6'4" it's hard to fit in little showers. He puts up with my emotional breakdowns and feeds me otter pops. He loves me and tells me I'm pretty, even when I have zit face.

Basically he's adorably cute and I love him. I keep taking pictures of him playing x-box with chowder kitten sleeping on him. I can't help but swoon.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Who is Dante?

Its finally spring--kind of--and i can go running out side again. So my fav place is going on the path behind raintree also known as the provo river trail. Its so great running by the river and the trees. Anyway when you go on the path there are parts when the trail goes underneath the road so you go in these underpasses. They are kind of scary, long, dark tunnels, that hobos live in. There is this one man that lives down there named Dante. I haven't been lucky enough to meet him but I read his messages every time I run. They are always different. He writes the most profound and clever messages! I love him. I just want to know who he is and what he means??? I know he is a great person. One time i saw this younger boy, Hispanic, riding his bike down there and I wanted to call out, "Dante, is that you?"

One night I was with seth and we were way bored and I wanted to go camp out in the tunnels and capture dante. Or just find him and meet him. It will be my life mission!! (Seth wouldn't let me)

Also I felt like the girl in the movie YES MAN when she has that class that takes pictures while they run! I just had to take my camera so i could show you girls these great pics! my life is crazy

Love you all!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Eye of the Tiger

So the other day I almost got my head stuck in my gym locker at school. And then I hit myself in the head with my own racquet while playing racquetball. I tell you what, if I'm not a genius, I don't know who is.

1. The Malt Shoppe has the most fantastic apple cobbler shakes in the world. And I don't even like apple cobbler. Get one.
2. I take prenatal vitamins.
3. Reams is the coolest grocery store in the world, mainly the one in Springville. Not only does it sell chocolate covered cinnamon bears, but every holiday eve they mark all the holiday candy down to 99 CENTS!! And I tell you what, its a madhouse at this time, people shoving to get all the peeps (okay not really, peeps are barf) but mainly the good things like reeses and peanut butter M&M's go like free money.
4. I think President Uchdorft is quite a handsome man. Can I say that??
5. My grandpa has baby goats. We feed them out of bottles.
6. Once when I was little I stole a chocolate turtle out of the bulk candy bins. I ate half of it and put the rest back on a shelf. I don't know what I was thinking, I should have just eaten the whole thing and got my shoplifters worth.

Later home dogs.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Thank you for calling circlepix, your complete imaging solution. This is Mckenzi, how can I help you?

I say that at least like 500 times a day I think. Every time I utter that first sentence I want to slit my wrists, throat, anywhere that would cause me to bleed out. My job requires me to get yelled at by crazy asian women. It's actually quite funny when they call in because they're furious and trying to yell at me but i can't understand what they're yelling about because it's in Asian/English. Silly asian women.

So the other night I decided I needed to make RISOTTO. I recently learned that I love the stuff and have been wanting to try to make it myself.
I made the mistake of making the stuff after a long day at work, and with an achy body because I was sick. Standing over the stove stiring broth into rice for over an hour is not something an ill and achy Kenzi should be doing.
I thought the process would never end. The rice was staying hard and I did not want to stand there and stir any longer. Then finally the rice decided to not be hard any more and I was done. It was delicious. I love risotto. So creamy, such good texture, it makes you feel good to eat it. I just wish I wouldn't have been sick, because I didn't really have an appetite :(.

Sometime if any of you girls want me to make you some, I will.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

so my dad's creative and my mom plays the accordion

Lately i just have been loving my parents and their funny quirks. I learned that my dad is real creative and when he had his business -the clothes factory- he used to design clothes and make and alter patterns for different companies. This summer he is going to teach me how to make a pattern. I'm real excited. And my mom got an accordion for Christmas. It has been her goal to learn when she retired so my dad bought one for her. She takes lessons and practices an hour everyday. The other week my whole family was over for dinner and she did a concert for us. It was great! I just think they are the cutest people in their old age. I always wonder what they were like before I was born. My dad calls it BN and AN. He says that they have had two lives. before nicole and after nicole. (like before Christ and After Christ) He's out of control. But I hope they live till their 100 cause i would die without them.

So I am finished student teaching! I can hear you all shouting for joy for me right now. I am so happy to be done! I can't believe i'm going to be a real woman and grown up soon. You are all invited to my graduation. my mom bought invitations so be looking in the mail! I'm going to move to the big SLC this summer to live with brooke! it is going to be a new adventure. even though its not very far. i'm real excited to ride my bike through the city and play every second. You can all come visit our house in sugar house and sleep in our cute backyard!

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different **Coco Chanel

Thursday, March 18, 2010

sup home doggssssssssss

this is your friend Lynzee Jayne Baxter. I am half Indian and half white. I currently live in cedar city utah 84720 but i am with rabid dog sitting on her bed. We are looking into each others eyes. oh how i see my future. leave me alone rachel. glare. anyways, i love tuna melts. so does rabid. anyway, school is really good. Running is getting better, my foot has been giving me problems for weeks now but its ok:) adam and i are officially...broken up:) lets see what else is going on...i have a fun new friend named steve who is cool. im 87% sure im going on a mission in the summer. i love all my roommates soooooo much and i love you guys beaucoup!!! listen to this good song its called until you by david barnes. check it sucka(s).

Sunday, March 14, 2010

This New Boy.

There is this new cute boy in my life. His name is Brent. Chelsea set us up on Valentines day and we've been dating ever since. I think he makes me happier than anyone I've ever dated, and I've only known him for a few weeks now. I just wanted you all to know. And also, i'm considering law school. mind you, considering. ha, if I decide to go, i have to take the LSAT this summer so that is why there is current thought. Love you all and wish we could have a party one of these days. Good luck with all your life activities and congrats B on your cute new boy DONALD:)


love ands.